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Wedding Car Flower Decoration

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1. Installation + 1 Netting Color + Ribbons + flowers (Bonnet Flower, Boot Flower & 4 Door Flowers) are reasonably and affordable priced range from SGD $70 to SGD $115 

2. 1 Netting Color + Ribbons + Flowers only (Bonnet Flower, Boot Flower & 4 Door Flowers) - without installation is priced range from SGD $45 to SGD $95

To Contact Us:

Installation and collection venue: 889 Woodlands Drive 50

Email: goodealtrading@gmail.com

Please click below link for more reviews (Carousell) :


Whatsapp : +65 9885 1708

Payment Terms:

Minimum SGD 50 deposit for order confirmation.

We do not accept cash on delivery - as preparation work is required & every order is customized. Thanks for your kind understanding.

Why Choose us?

1. Rin - The decorator has 20+ years of experience in wedding car flower installation. If you are looking for someone whose professional, friendly and helpful. Look no further!

2. Our Customer Service Team is reliable & able to advise pertaining to products and services Wishescometrue is able to offer. 

3. Wishescometrue staff listen & seek to improve/ innovate tools, materials and methods of installation. (Eg: For tools, we replace/ remove tools which might cause scratches, current installation method does not use staplers etc. For materials, we introduce more variety of good quality flowers and for method, we leverage on traditional installation while innovating on current best practices.)

***For pictures. please scroll down. Enjoy!! :)*** (mobile users: please double click to see full image)


Images of flowers combinations before installation

(mobile users: please double click to see full image)


Images of flowers for brothers' cars - Not all the colors are shown here. Can be customized.

(mobile users: please double click to see full image)


Images of other bridal vehicle types after installation of flowers

(mobile users: please double click to see full image)

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